this is something every woman should do, to feel good about her body. i cannot wait to do it again!

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Meet some of the amazing women who have stepped into this experience with fierce energy, and kind words. We would love for you to join us, so read all the good stuff and get in on this empowering movement! Can't wait to see you.



more favorites from yolanda's session

"Your ability to find the right placement, say the right things, empowered me with every click of the camera. I kept telling myself I can do this! When I saw the back of the camera, it felt surreal. Seeing myself outside of myself , without harshly judging myself, was new for me. 

When I saw my images I saw the strength, wisdom, and depth that I own. I felt proud of myself. It wasn’t all about what is on the outside, because I could see what was on the inside."



more favorites from dawn's session

" I feel much more positive about myself and my body. I was encouraged to keep reinventing myself and seeing my body as something positive and beautiful, and to take care of myself in new ways like exercising and watching my diet. It's a new perspective to do these things because I want to continue on a positive path, not because I feel like I'm overweight and I need to become something I'm not. This experience was such a confidence booster and I felt like I was heading in the right direction with becoming a new me

this experience defiantly gave me a confidence boost! It helped to affirm for me that I am enough! I am worthy! I am strong, smart, and sexy! I am the whole package! I am always reminded that I am beautiful in and out and I can get through anything life throws at me. I already have been through a lot, and I'm still strong and beautiful."



more favorites from jen's session

"I did this one for me! I am content with my physical age, there is nothing I can do about it so I better embrace it. I’m never 100% okay with my body but at 54 I’m active and I do the best I can to stay healthy so at this point I’m happy with where I am. 

when I looked in the mirror I was a little shocked by how dramatic it was but I absolutely LOVE it in the pics. The makeup itself was sexy so it made the entire day a little easier, I was already half way there! Lol!.

I was very comfortable with everything. When you showed my what my backside looked like from you angle I was blown away. NEVER in my life have I thought my booty looked like that… it definitely gave me a boost of confidence that I still carry with me. Thank you for that!
I felt amazing! I’m over 50 and I look damn good on the back of your camera. We are our own worst critics and the shots you took were beautiful. I will be forever grateful."



few favorites from traci's session

I struggle with my aged menopausal body. I wanted to do this photo shoot to feel good about myself . I was a little embarrassed to wear lingerie in broad daylight in front of Amber. Not that embarrassment quickly went away. When Amber showed me the first couple pictures she took, I was shocked. I had no idea I could look that good!  When the shoot was over I was so proud of myself! I did it! I conquered a fear of mine and it felt great! It was freeing and I felt empowered.

Amber’s style is like no other. Her photos are classy and natural looking. I was so excited in how I looked in her pictures I proudly gave my husband his gift of photos. He told me he married a model, he loved it. I even proudly shared my photos with friends. My hope is they will call Amber to have the same freeing, empowering experience as I did.



few favorites from katie's session

You made me feel so comfortable, like we were just 2 friends talking and hanging out :) Once I saw some of the photos that you were capturing it gave me more confidence and even started having fun! .
I felt so empowered after the shoot! My husband was very proud of me and I was incredibly proud of myself! This was something so out of my comfort zone , but once I did it I felt so much more confident with my body and grateful for it. This experience has changed my life for the better : )
The images really changed me and how I feel about myself and my body. I finally saw what my husband has been saying for years that I was sexy and beautiful. It's so easy to fall into mom mode when you have 4 kids. Easy to lose your sense of who you were before they all came along! This helped me see myself again,
This definitely gave me a boost! And my husband has the photos up all over his home office so I feel it every time I go in there :)
So empowering for me


join us as we change what beauty looks like, and how fabulous being over 50 really is.

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