I am not comfortable in front of the camera. Should I even try boudoir?

You do NOT need to be a model to do a boudoir shoot. Period. You do not need any experience, you do not need to know how to pose, you are not too short or too tall or too fat or too skinny. That is a MYTH. Boudoir is for everyone.

Most clients are new to boudoir, are nervous, and this is one of the best experiences of their life. I promise, you are perfect for boudoir. I will guide you, I will demonstrate each pose for you, so you know exactly what to do. So there you have it, I’ll be crawling all over the floor, the bed, and everywhere else, asking you to copy me. I make it fun, I make jokes, and it’s sooooooooooo not something to worry about. You don't need to know how to model before this session, but you sure as hell will leave your session feeling like one.

I don’t have a model’s body, can you photograph a plus size woman?

Guess what…. When you’re here, you ARE a model. You will feel like one too. I prefer to photograph women who need to see themselves in a new way. I live for showing women how gorgeous and curvy they are, and I say there is no shape that I can’t photograph!

I don’t know what to bring, do I need lingerie?

This is where I get really excited. First of all, I have a wardrobe of all the lace and bodysuits and flattering things to fit most women. I have a huge variety of sizes. BUT…. Once you’ve gone through my boudoir guide, and get an idea of what you might like, what is most flattering, and what you are attracted to in boudoir images, you can shop! I have recommendations for many different price points, and urge you to be creative with your lingerie. Girl, a T-shirt can be made ultra sexy. I love the planning process with my clients. And going home with some new lingerie that makes you feel sexy is a win win.

We talk more than once before your session. We’ll have a meet and greet phone call, and then as your session approaches you and I can touch base about what you’re thinking of brining, etc. I am available by text and email all the time, and often women will send me a photo of something they like, or something they’re considering and we discuss it. You’re covered either way. I will send you all the info you need on the subject of wardrobe!

What do your hair and makeup artists do with me? Can I do my own hair and makeup?

My professional hair and makeup artists are the best!! Before you sit down for your makeover, we review and decide on which outfits you will be wearing, which allows your hair and makeup to play into the looks you’re going for. Makeup is dramatic, but classy, and includes false lashes. Lashes are the BEST for boudoir sessions, because they just make your eyes POP and add an extra layer of sexy. Your makeup artist will always consult with you about the final look and we’ll make sure you’re thrilled before we begin shooting. Your hair will be done to your preference. If you want big bouncy curls, or wind swept bed head, she will accommodate. If you’re not sure, … that’s perfect… she will do what’s going to look best!

If it is important to you to do your own hair or makeup, please let me know ahead of time. This gives my expert hair and makeup girls an opportunity to book with someone else.

It is important that my images remain private. I am in the public eye, or a school teacher, and my images would be bad for my reputation, can you still help me?

Your comfort level is my biggest priority. That includes you worrying about your images going “public”. I will not share your images in any way unless you give me permission to show them. That said, I guarantee you that if anyone did see images of you from Amber Tolbert Boudoir, they would be thinking “Damn, girl! You look amazing! You’re so bold! I wish I could do that!” But, rest assured your gallery is yours to share at your discretion.

I want this to be a secret, how do I do that?

Boudoir is definitely a private experience, and I will help you maintain privacy all the way through. First of all, when it comes to booking your session, I accept several forms of payment, allowing discrete bookkeeping for you. Your private viewing and ordering appointment is done over zoom), and you won’t have to worry about return visits (optional return visit if you don’t want to meet online. From booking, to ordering, to album delivery, it can all be very discrete.

Can I bring someone with me to my boudoir session?

I am all for support, and encouragement, and allow female companions to be present during your session. Having a girlfriend there can ease any nerves, and can be great for boosting your confidence! I do not allow anyone other than myself and my client into the shooting room, as it can get very distracting to be looking towards a friend, instead of being in the moment with me. But, your friend is allowed to be just beyond the open door, and watching from outside the room, or they can chill on the couch and help you decide which photos are a MUST for your gallery.

Male companions are not allowed, as I believe this experience is entirely a female empowerment and this can change the energy. It’s really about you.

How much can you “edit out”?

Your boudoir session is intended to show you exactly how sensual and gorgeous YOU ARE, and not change anything about you in your images. I am an expert in posing every body to flatter, and add curves in all the right places. Angles are everything, and can really emphasize your assets, while minimizing problem areas. When I prepare your gallery for viewing, I do a very basic edit, that includes adding sharpness and contrast, and smoothing skin, but that’s about it. Occasional blemishes are easy to eliminate, and I will take out any blemishes that you request. If it’s permanent, it stays. However, I do not and will not do any morphing, or manipulating of my clients’ bodies. That defeats the purpose!!!

Many women ask about the retouching of stretch marks. While I firmly believe that your stretch marks are a part of your story and therefore are beautiful, I do also understand many women’s aversion to their own. My standard skin smoothing process will subtly fade the appearance of stretch marks, but please be sure to request more or less at your photo shoot appointment if you have a different preference.

What do I need to do to be prepared for my session?

Great question! My boudoir prep guide will go over, in detail, EVERYTHING about boudoir. How to prep, what to avoid, what is recommended, and how to arrive. I’ll cover what to bring, what to expect, and I’m available for questions over text and email leading up to your session! It is important to me that you are entirely informed before your session. This is an experience, and you should enjoy all of it, not worrying or wondering about anything.

I’m not sure how revealing I am comfortable with. I see a lot of women barely wearing anything, or looking very risque on your site. Can I still do this if I want something a little more ‘tame’?

YES! That’s what this is all about! Expressing yourself is an adventure and I will never push you beyond your comfort level. Some

women choose very elegant lingerie, some women like the illusion of nudity (like draped in a sheet and nothing else), and some opt

for more coverage. Whatever you decide, you might change your mind as we go through the session, or you might feel like you are

right where you want to be, and that’s my goal. There is NO expectation that you reveal more than you wish. I have women bring

beautiful robes and remain mostly covered, with just some cleavage exposed. I have women who bring tank tops and cute boy shorts

and go that route, I have done it all!

Will you share my images?

Of course, I would LOVE to use your images from our session to show other women, who might be on the fence about doing a boudoir shoot. Maybe they will speak to someone who doesn’t feel they have the right body for boudoir. Most of all, your TESTIMONY is the best way to help other women, and I would love for you to share your experience on my facebook group, page, or my website!

However, your privacy and comfort level are my ultimate priority. I WILL NOT share any images of you without your written consent.

What are your collections, do you offer prints?

Prints and albums are my main offering. Albums begin at $799, and collections (popular products bundled together to save you money) begin at $2999, and the turnaround is between 4 and 8 weeks depending on your order. My investment menu will go over all the options.

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